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Why You Should Redesign Your Website

Improve Your Online Presence With Website Redesign If you own a website, you know how important it is for users to connect with you and […]

Why You Should Redesign Your Website

Improve Your Online Presence With Website Redesign

If you own a website, you know how important it is for users to connect with you and your brand. To connect with visitors, your website design should be simple and user-friendly. But what if it is not? Should you be opting for a website redesign?

Emerging Trends in Design

It is highly important for business owners to invest in newer and user-friendly designs to keep up-to-date with the emerging trends of the web world. In the last decade, many new trends have emerged and are making a huge impact on viewership. Let’s take a look at the most prevalent trends of current times.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

How does responsive web design make a website better? Back in the old days (circa 2010) there used to be two different versions of a website; desktop version and mobile version. But now web developers are focusing their efforts on creating a responsive web design. Call it a result of the generous use of tablets or Smartphones, but this new web design trend is blurring the design and coding experience for mobile as well as desktops.

Mobile apps

The prominence of mobile apps has revived web design both in terms of functionality and user interface. With Android and iOS, developers are working hard to support newer design transitions and pitching a strong app experience for mobile users.


HTML5 helps in scaffolding a responsive web design. Developers can bring in more functionality by introducing new and interactive features. With the help of different tags (header, footer, section, etc.), content organization gets better which makes indexing easier for search engines. Quite an SEO friendly feature!

Retina Display & 4K Resolutions

Retina display is a major bloom in screen technology adding to visual aesthetics and screen clarity with high pixel density. Apple’s Retina Display offers a 960 x 640 pixel screen on iPhone 4S. The 326-pixels-per-inch resolution enables human eye to distinguish pixels on a small screen.

OS Browsers

Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system and is perfect for tablets and mobile devices. It is faster than any other OS and comes loaded with anti-virus features to fight emerging security threats. An update to the Chrome OS Developer Channel has introduced further improvements to the operating system. Firefox OS is mainly built on HTML5 and takes full advantage of the platform. Due to improved app performance, many mobile app developers are paying attention to it.

Search Engine Rankings

It may get bothersome for designers to devise an accurate design plan for a site, aiming at good rankings. For example, one needs to know that graphic based sites and less content do not yield good results on search engines.


You are likely to negatively affect users experience until you make navigation a simple exercise. Navigation should be consistent for users to navigate the site smoothly. Fixed-position navigation is good for mobile users as it adjusts to the screen resolution.

Animation, Graphics & Typography

Some latest updates in web design trends are jQuery effects, use of graphics like banners, bookmarks, display badges, etc. Typography has taken a center stage in web design and is very much appreciated by the audience. Unfortunately, many web designers still neglect the importance of typography and are not realizing the impact of impressive fonts from major font families like serif and sans serif.


Presenting your facts and figures in a design layout is termed as Infographics. Users find it an interesting way to learn about the information and like to share it further. A good layout with typography is necessary for making impressive Infographics. There are different types of Infographics, for example, Flow Charts, Visualized Article, Statistical based, Process-based, Geography based and Timeline based Infographics.


If your website is struggling with an overly complex design, it may not serve a great purpose to your business. Most exceptional website designs boast of a simple design that serves the ultimate business goals of a site.
Changes in the Web User Behavior

There have been noticeable changes in the way users are interacting with the web. It is known that over 78% of users are doing online product research. But, did you know that 85% of users (age group: 25-34 years) leave a website due to irrelevant advertising? While we may not know the obvious reason behind it, but we do know that design does affect web user behavior.

Design Renaissance in Mobile

Out of your total website visitors, roughly 25% are on mobile devices. This shows users are increasingly entrusting their mobile phones to visit a website. They are more comfortable with mobile technology and demand more website features. Users are expecting the user interface as the first thing on tablets and Smartphones. According to ComScore, Apple’s latest U.S. Smartphone market share increased 0.5 percentage points for a total share of 41.2%.

What are the deliverables of a website redesign?

If your regular visitors are detracting from your site, probably it’s time to know your existing site is not up to the latest design standards.

What benefits do you gain out of website redesign? let’s find out below.

User experience:

User experience lies at the forefront of website design. Users should be able to experience a seamless interaction on a website. And if they do, you know your site has delivered successfully on the UX standards.

Get attention:

A redesign process is crafted by keeping SEO in mind. The more effective and SEO-friendly features a site has for users, the more it is able to show strongly on Google and Yahoo.

Mobile optimization:

User-centric mobile optimization is a common aim of most website redesign processes. It promises speedy connectivity, brand optimization, fast download speed, enhanced UX and SEO performance.

Website performance:

With user-centric features, users are able to engage with the site naturally and smoothly. A quality designed website helps to build trust among visitors and hence adds to improved website performance.

Higher conversions:

Getting an increased conversion rate can be achieved through an effectively redesigned website. When users visit a site, they look at the features as their real benefits. It’s a fresh approach that helps in increasing conversions.

Why should you redesign your website?

A redesign process is for improving user experience with modern designs and features. To know whether your site is effectively designed or not, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is your website design credible, building authority?
  2. Does it have recent design trends or features?
  3. Is it user-friendly?
  4. Is it delivering your business objectives?
  5. And, in the end, do you feel your website is outdated?

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