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What Is The Cornerstone Content?

Here we will talk about cornerstone content. After reading the article, you will know what it is, why it is important for SEO, how to write this type of content and how you should link from your articles to cornerstone content.

  1. Think about your keywords
  2. Choose the best article or page
  3. Write about it
  4. Optimize your other articles for long tail keywords
  5. Link from the tail to the head

What is the cornerstone content?

Cornerstone content is the core of your website. These are the best and most important pages or articles on the site, the pages you want to rank highest in the search results. Most often, cornerstone content is pages or articles that have long and informative content. It can be content that combines insights from different articles and contains everything that is important in a specific topic.

Their focus is on having the most comprehensive and best information in a subject, instead of selling products. But they should still reflect your business and communicate your expertise in the best way.

Both articles and pages can be cornerstone content, but you should invest in updating them frequently and aim to rank them high in the organic search results.

Why is cornerstone content important for SEO?

Cornerstone content plays an important role in your SEO strategy. Ranking on highly competitive keywords can be difficult, but by working with cornerstone content, you can more easily tackle the difficult keywords.

If you write a lot of articles on similar or related topics, you need to tell Google (and other search engines) which of them are the most important to focus on. By working with an internal link structure and cornerstone content, you can tell Google which articles are most important.

Your cornerstone content should have a clear place on your website. The best thing would be if your visitors could go directly to your cornerstone content, from your home page.

All your other articles on similar topics should link back to their respective cornerstone content. That is why it is important to have a clear link structure. As your site then evolves, you write multiple articles that link to the same topic from different angles, and each article will link back to your cornerstone content. This type of internal link structure will help your rankings in the search results.

Think like this:

You have a map of a country. Small and large cities will all be connected in some way. However, the larger cities will have more roads leading to them, compared to the smaller cities. Those big cities are your cornerstone content, which has the most links to it. The smaller cities are your articles that deal with more specific topics. There are some roads (links) that lead to them, but not as many as the larger cities.

Which pages are my cornerstones?

Choose your cornerstone content carefully. Think of four or five pages that you want everyone to read when they land on your site. These pages should be your cornerstone content. Which articles or pages are most important to you? Which are the most complete? Focus these on the keywords you want to rank on?

If you run your website with WordPress, we recommend that you install the Yoast SEO extension. There are some that are just about cornerstone content. You can choose to mark which pages are cornerstones, but you can also do their SEO workout, to build a good strategy for cornerstone content.

5 steps to a good strategy

The best thing would have been if you were already creating a thorough keyword analysis, but what if you have already written several articles and created content for your site? Go through the following five steps and you will be well on your way to a good cornerstone content strategy.

1. Think about your keywords

You need to decide which primary keywords you want to rank on. Your cornerstone content should be optimized for your most important keywords, so be sure to create a keyword analysis.

2. Choose the best article or page

Go through your articles and pages that are optimized for keywords that are linked to your most important keywords, it’s your cornerstone content now!

3. Write about it

Rewrite your article or page, make them amazing and SEO-friendly. Because cornerstone content is often longer, focus extra on readability. Also, make sure that you use many subheadings and divide into paragraphs. A table of contents is also a good idea for cornerstone content. Then you need to make sure it is completely updated and do not forget to update it regularly.

Other articles that have similar or related topics as your cornerstone content, should be optimized for long tail keywords.

You also need to tell Google that your cornerstone content is one of the most important articles or pages on your site. Do not forget to link from all your other articles, to your cornerstone content.

Summary cornerstone content

A good website structure is important for SEO. By having a strong and clear structure, both search engines and visitors will be able to easily navigate your site, to find what they are looking for. With the help of this article, you have come a long way.


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