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What is Google Search Console and what is it used for?

Google Search Console is a very practical tool for anyone who works actively with their website. Among other things, it is possible to obtain a lot of information about your website. Also how different pages perform and about visitor behavior. In this article, you can delve into what Google Search Console is.

Read all about the free tool from Google – Google Search Console here!

You also get some practical tips and how you can get started. Finally, you also get a shorter summary with the most important points.

What is Google Search Console?

Google has created a free tool called Google Search Console. With the help of the tool, you get a lot of information about the website’s performance and function. You can also obtain useful information about visitors and their behavior. Including:

  • Get the number of visitors over time and how they found your website.
  • Which devices they primarily use to surf, i.e. mobile, tablet or computer.
  • You can see which segments of your website attract the most traffic.
  • Identify flaws in the website and how you can fix them.
  • It is possible to connect Google Analytics with Google Search Console.

A big advantage is also that you can obtain information in the analysis about how your website is approximately positioned in various searches.

Why is it good to use Google Search Console?

Using Google Search Console gives you the opportunity to obtain information about your website for free. This, in turn, makes it possible to improve shortcomings and work proactively with, among other things, SEO.

You also get historical data and can follow your website’s status based on the Google Index. Three other areas why it is good to use

Google Search Console is:

  1. Work more precisely with SEO. Among other things through the opportunity to work with keyword analysis. For example, finding new areas to work with around keyword optimization.
  2. Identify deficiencies. Deficiencies that can lead to Google ranking the page lower. It could be security flaws to indexing issues.
  3. Get information about whether the website is user-friendly for mobiles (mobile usability). Keep in mind that Google prizes ease of use when it comes to mobile-first.

Useful features of Google Search Console

There are many handy features in Google Search Console to explore. To get an introduction, you can watch Google’s own introductory video to the tool:

Some important features that are good to learn are:

Usability for mobile devices (mobile usability)

That Google rewards websites that have high usability for mobile devices is nothing new. With the help of Google Search Console, you not only get ratings, but you can find flaws. After that, it is easier to fix the problems. Among other things, you can find out if texts and images are not sufficiently mobile-friendly.

See how the website performs (performance)

You can set that range and see how your site is performing. It can be as far back as around 16 months to a week. Here you can see both the number of impressions and clicks.

Under average position, you can also see the average position your website has with Google. You can also analyze organic traffic with information such as which countries the visitor is in and of course which device they are using.

Indexing and website errors (coverage)

With Google Search Console, you can see the indexing status of your pages. You also see errors like 404 errors and warnings. Here you also get a good overview of whether any page has been removed from the register and why. After that, it will be easier to fix indexing errors and broken links.
Security flaws and manual action

In Google Search Console, you can find security issues. If there are flaws such as the transmission not being encrypted, the page may receive warnings. By fixing security flaws, it is possible to get better

Rankings and avoid punishment from Google

Under manual action (manual action), you can see if the website violates any of Google’s guidelines. This means that your page can be removed completely or ranked low by Google. It can also be a lack of quality that causes the website to be subject to manual action.

Other great features

Two other great features of Google Search Console are sitemaps and links. In the tool, you can specify sitemaps. Sitemaps are important so that Google can more easily navigate different sub-pages on your website. This means that even real visitors can then find the right information.

How do I start using Google Search Console?

The first step is to verify your website, which requires you to log in to your Google account. Important to note that it is the Google account that is linked to the website. Then you open Google and choose “start now”. It will give you two options called domain or URL prefix. The choices are there because you need to verify that you are the owner of the website.

The domain option means that you must use a code in the DNS configuration. It must be entered with the provider you have for the domain name.

URL prefixes offer different methods of verification. One way is to upload an HTML file on your website. You will receive clear instructions on exactly how to proceed with each option.

Summary of Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that provides an overview of who visits your website. You get information about what device they use when browsing and which segments are most popular.

It is also a tool that makes it possible to work with SEO. With Google Search Console, you can also find security flaws and errors on the website. The tool can be connected with Google Analytics.

To get started with Google Search Console, you need to verify your website and ownership. Then it’s just a matter of starting to use the many functions you get access to. By working with Google Search Console, you can improve features and get better rankings on search engines.


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