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Three key elements of a Facebook ad

You’ve got a specific goal for your business, and you’ve paired it with the right Facebook ad objective. It’s like we’ve gathered the ingredients for a hand-tossed pizza, and we’re almost ready to pop it in the oven. But before we heat up the oven, let’s talk about the three important elements of your ad:
  1. Your Image
  2. Your Text
  3. Your Call To Action

First up your image the visual

In some ways, this is the most important element of your ad. It’s the eye-catching photo or the must-watch video that says something important about your business or product and shows people what you’re all about. A great image helps people want to stop and spend some time with your ad.

Next let’s talk about text.

The important thing here is that people often skim-read their screens, so say what you want to say straight away in as few words as possible. Get right to the point. For example, “Celebrate Spring with 20% off everything!” or “Join us for a Sunday Giveaway.” The text should also compliment your image. A picture of autumn leaves and pumpkins won’t match with text about a spring clearance sale, will it?

Last but not least is the call to action.

People loved your image, they read your text and now they’re ready to act. The call to action is a little button at the bottom of the ad that tells them what to do next. Facebook gives you suggestions for your call to action, such as Learn More or Sign Up. Depending on the ad objective you’ve chosen, you may be able to choose other options and pick the one that fits better. And one note here: Not all ads have a call-to-action button. If yours doesn’t, you can skip this step.
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