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7 SEO Trends to Boost Your Rankings in 2022 | GK Web Agency

7 SEO Trends to Boost Your Rankings in 2022

Which SEO trends will be most important in 2022? Every year we plan to do a trend survey to find out which SEO trends you need to keep an extra eye on, in the coming year. Some will be with a few years, and become more and more important to think about. Here are SEO trends 2022! SEO trends...

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Why Site Speed Is So Important | GK Web Agency

Why Is Your Website Speed So Important?

Site speed is key to ecommerce success. It directly influences your conversion rates, repeat business, and search engine rankings. And with upcoming changes to Google Search ranking in May 2021, site speed is even more important as a competitive edge. Let’s take a look at why site speed is so important,...

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Setting Up Local Business Listings

Setting Up Local Business Listings

Each time you create a structured local business listing, whether at Google, Facebook, Yelp, or elsewhere, you’ll be filling out a form with a specific set of fields: Business name/titleAddressPhone numberWebsite URLCategoriesDescriptionTaglineSocial profilesImagesAdditional mediaAlternate phone...

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