Frauds, Spams, Scams or fake emails we have identified.
As a web design company, we have encounter lots of scenarios where scammers are trying to steal money from us and from our customers with clever scam techniques. We want to help to list on this page all the fake emails accounts that are being identified as SCAM users. Having this list public, people will be able to Google the suspicious email and find it here if it has been identified as a SCAM. If you receive a suspicious email request or potential customers or anything that doesn’t seem legit to you, you can consult this list, if you find the email here, don’t reply to it! it is a SCAM!

Report a scam

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If you have identified a SCAM case, please send us the email + screenshots as proof and we will add the email to the list. Report the case here: gk[@]


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