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Reach Relevant People With Facebook Ads

When you advertise on Facebook, you have the ability to create an audience. It’s one of the most important and powerful things you can do here. When thinking about your audience and how to build it, consider the types of people who are most likely to be interested in what you’re sharing. Or, if there’s an action you’re asking people to take, what kind of person would be most likely to take that action? You can create different audiences for each ad you create or save audiences to use in future ads.

I’m here to talk about another important part of Facebook ads:

Finding your audience.

It’s important for business owners to know what kind of person likes their products or services, because other, similar people could be great customers too. When you reach out to those people, you may have a better chance of building a relationship, increasing sales, or accomplishing whatever business goal you’re trying to achieve.
With Facebook ads, you can define the best possible audience for your ad, and reach out to them. We call this creating an audience.

For example, Jasper’s market has an incredible selection of fresh organic fruits. Over time, they’ve learned that many of their customers live in Brisbane City, QLD, and are interested in health and fitness, and like to cook. When they make an ad, Jasper’s market chooses or creates an audience in Brisbane with similar interests. When they reach out to these people, they see better results from their ads—more web visits, online sales, and newsletter sign ups.

Your instinct might be to reach out to a big wide audience all at once. But when you don’t reach out to your ideal audience first, you’re likely spending ad money on many people who won’t find your ad relevant. For example, maybe you own a surf shop. Someone who lives 1000 miles from your surf shop will be less relevant most likely, than someone who lives near your shop, has active hobbies, or names surfing as an interest. Over time as you learn more about your customers, you can incorporate that information into future audience choices, which may help you to see better results from your ads.

To get started creating your audience, think about your business’s best customers. Are they often of a certain age or gender? Do they tend to live somewhere specific? Or have interest or hobbies in common? Reach out to these kinds of people first.

So let’s review. When you create a Facebook ad, think about the kind of people who are most often attracted to your business, product or services. Try to identify what they have in common. And use that information to create an audience of other people like them.


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