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More traffic and sales through your website – 9 tips

Do you want a more efficient website? Then you should think about the goals of your website, and go through it from a customer’s perspective. Here are nine tips from our conversion experts on how you can take a new grip on your web, and get it to generate more leads.

A website can be a simple, digital business card – but it can also be your most important marketing channel. Here are our experts’ top nine tips on how you can see more traffic and conversions through your website.

1.Set goals for your particular website

What do you want your visitors to do on your site? Converting can be many different things: making a purchase, downloading a file, subscribing to something, or perhaps filling out a contact form. All your conversions should be analyzed and measured in order to improve – there should be set conversion points on your website and goals for these that are measured in, for example, Google Analytics.

Overall, it can be said that the more you analyze and test, the better you know what exactly gets your visitors to convert. It is a learning process, even mistakes are valuable to arrive at the best possible flow. So think through what you want to achieve, set a goal picture – and get started!

2.Look up and look at the whole

To get the most out of every invested marketing crown, it is important to see your customers’ entire buying journey and the role of the web in it . Do you know your target groups? Are you driving the right traffic to the right pages? Are you measuring the right things the right way?

It does not matter if your site is super-conversion optimized if it is still “wrong” visitors who land on your pages, or if you do not constantly keep track and analyze your results, to be able to react when things change. Because they always do so sooner or later.

3.Look at the entire flow – including the check-out

A basic rule is that it should be easy to find on your website, and that the visitor should be able to clearly see what he or she is meant to do. However, many people forget that this also applies to the time after clicking the buy or contact button.

If the so-called check – out is lengthy, messy and difficult to understand, there is a great risk that the visitor will skip the purchase price. So make sure to scale away all unnecessary information and minimize the number of steps the visitor must go through, even towards the end!

4.Highlight reviews from others

On a product page, there are very many factors that should interact, but if there is one thing you should put powder on here, it is to highlight other customers’ reviews.

We like to read what other customers think and it affects our own interest in the product. Placing reviews clearly can significantly increase the conversion rate.

5.Invest in really good imagery

If you want to entice your visitors to buy, you have great help from professional images that show your products in a nice way, especially if they can be zoomed in and maybe even buzzed on.

It is important to get your visitor as close to the product as possible , just like in a store. Also, remember to tag images correctly so that they appear in image searches. SEO also applies to images! Many people use image searches to get inspiration at the beginning of a buying process. How many times have you not googled your own image?

6.Analyze and test to get even better

There are many ways you can get to know your target audience better, for example by analyzing the behavior of Google Analytics. There you can follow the feeds between the different pages on your site, and see what visitors do before they click on the CTA or perhaps leave the page.

we at GK Web Agency use GA4 for your web, we can quickly see if any feed is not working , and give you new ideas for quick improvements.

7.Have a super sharp mobile version

Today, more than half of all online purchases are made via mobile, so your website just MUST be responsive, look professional and work great on mobile as well! We are happy to help you mobile adapt your website.

8.Make sure your website has a short loading time

So-called load time is a very important parameter for your conversion. How fast your site loads also affects how high Google ranks it in its search results.

Always turn on the technology to keep the charging time to an absolute minimum! We know for sure that faster charging time has a positive effect on conversion.

9.The right content and offer wins

When it comes to e-commerce sites, it is of course very basic to have an interesting offer. Your visitors compare different prices online all the time – it’s important to have an offer that is more interesting than your competitors’.

If you can not keep the lowest price, then try a combination offer . We know, for example, that fast shipping and similar offers lead to more conversions. Visit your competitors’ websites regularly so you know what they are doing!

When it comes to other types of sites, where the goal is to create awareness about your products and services for future business, the content is absolutely crucial. Your texts must be SEO-adapted, but SEO also includes your images, videos, illustrations and infographics.

Time for a new website?

Are you going to build a new website, or want to know how you can get better results from your current website? Get in touch , and we will do a search of your website and help you further.

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