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How to write a winning headline in 3 easy steps

Even if you have written the best article, no one will read it unless you have a winning headline. Why?

Because you have to win the reader through your headline, it’s the headline’s job – to make the reader want to read the article.

In this article, we will go through how to write winning headlines!


What is a headline?

A headline is a title or name of your article and a headline does the following three things:

Captures the reader’s attention
Makes the reader curious enough to click on your article
Describes what the article is about

If you manage to get all these three things in your headline, then many will want to read your article.

Why are headlines important?

A good headline leads people to your article. In many cases, the headline will actually be the only factor that people use to decide if it is worth reading your article.

Headlines also compete for attention in different ways, depending on what platform they are on.

On social media

Your article will be packed with endless scrolling of news, posts and ads on social media. The headline needs to compete and win against all these competitors.

In subject lines by e-mail

The average office worker receives approximately 121 emails each day. Although only 10% of these newsletters have links to articles, most people will not read 12 articles per day. Therefore, they choose, the most interesting articles based on the headline.

The search result

An average website gets about 2/3 of the traffic from Google. With a good headline, users will probably choose to click on your page instead of the others in the search results.

Then you write a box in 3 steps

Writing a headline is not very difficult, you can master the basics through a simple three-way system. Just keep the following in mind when working out a headline:

  • You should customize your headlines for Google, because, as we mentioned earlier, most of your traffic comes from the search results.
  • It is usually best to write the headline first, before writing your article. But this is not a must, we often adapt headings to the article once it has been written.
  • Avoid clickbait, by using the content of the article as a basis for your headline, you will avoid someone clicking on the headline and realizing that the content is not the same.

Now we write the winning headline!

1. Select a format

We take an example, we are going to write an article about the best SEO tools. All of these title formats work then:

  • List: 10 best SEO tools for working with search engine optimization 2022
  • How-to: How to choose the best SEO tool for you
  • Tutorial: Best SEO tools: How to choose it in 7 easy steps
  • Opinion Article: Is There Really A Best SEO Tool? The experts say no

2. Include an angle

Now that you have decided on the format of the headline, you need to choose a good angle. If we use the same headings from the first step, we can look at the headline for lists that headline leads with “10 best SEO tools for…”

What comes after “for” is the angle. When it comes to “best SEO tools”, the industry is the dominant angle, for example “to work with search engine optimization”. But you can also use, for example, “to create a keyword analysis” or similar.

Here you need, among other things, to review your keyword analysis. What are most users looking for? Are most people looking for an SEO tool for keyword analysis or for link building for example?

Once you have your format and angle ready, there is one more step…

3. Aim your headline at people

Of course, you should optimize your search engine title, but do not forget that it is actually people who will click on it to read your article.

Remember to use words that people use, ie try to avoid industry terms or a difficult language.


Headlines are an important part of your article, be sure to follow these three steps to write winning headlines! Thanks to your headline, you will get more people reading your actual article.


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