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How to Optimize Your Product Page for Conversions

Having product pages on your website that are well optimized can significantly boost your conversion rate. There are countless ways to optimize your product pages – but here are some of the best tips that you can start implementing today.


As with any type of optimization, the right features will depend on your shoppers and their preferences. Always test your product pages to determine what practices have the greatest impact on your sales numbers and conversions.

  1. Use large, high-quality images with multiple angle shots
  2. Include a product-zoom feature.
  3. Feature user-submitted reviews to build trust
  4. Use wishlists to drive traffic
  5. Show out-of-stock products and offer email alerts
  6. Include a privacy policy to build trust
  7. Link to a sizing chart for clothing
  8. Include personalized product recommendations
  9. Offer live-chat customer service
  10. Make your product page the right length
  11. Feature product videos on product pages

1. Use large, high-quality images with multiple angle shots.

Product images are important to your conversion rate because they provide your customer with the first and often only impression of the product before they purchase. In a brick-and-mortar store, shoppers can pick up items and evaluate them from a number of perspectives. By replicating an in-person shopping experience with your product images, you can strengthen the user experience and boost your conversion rate.
  • Include multiple angle shots of the products. Your shoppers want to see every angle of the product, not just the front.
  • Product images should have non-distracting backgrounds.
  • Products should be properly lit in their images.

2. Include a product-zoom feature.

Shoppers want to see the product in detail before they make a purchase. Make this possible by including a zoom feature on your product pages.

3. Feature user-submitted reviews to build trust.

When products have user-submitted reviews, shoppers will feel more confident in making a purchase. Encourage your customers to leave reviews after they’ve made a purchase in order to increase conversions.

4. Use wishlists to drive traffic.

Many online shoppers may browse your store without intending to buy anything, but they may come across products that they’re interested in. Implement wishlists to help customers keep track of those products and return to complete the sale on another day.

5. Show out-of-stock products and offer email alerts.

Include out-of-stock products in your product listings, and invite shoppers to receive email alerts when the product is back in stock – this can have a significant impact on your conversions, as customers are likely to return to your site to purchase these products.

6. Include a privacy policy to build trust.

When your shoppers trust you, they are more likely to purchase from your store. As many online shoppers are concerned about their privacy, a clear privacy policy can help persuade them to make a purchase.

7. Link to a sizing chart for clothing.

Your shoppers cannot try on clothing before they make a purchase online as they would in-person. Include a link to a sizing chart so your shoppers can confidently purchase clothing that will fit.

8. Include personalized product recommendations.

Increase the average value of your customer’s cart by offering personalized product recommendations. By offering additional products they are likely to also want, you can boost the average quantity and value of your sale.

9. Offer live-chat customer service.

Live chat allows your customers to ask questions about a product and get an immediate answer. Offer a live-chat option on every product page in order to encourage shoppers to ask your customer-support team any questions they may have about a product.

10. Make your product page the right length.

If your product is complex, use long-form copy to describe it to your customer – this is appropriate for technological items, software and health products. If your product is simple, use short-form content in your product description – this is best for free trials, inexpensive products and items which require little explaining.

11. Feature product videos on product pages.

Product videos are one of the most effective ways to improve your conversions. Feature videos on your product pages to give your shoppers more information about how a product is used. This will reduce their buyer’s guilt and make them more likely to buy the product.

12. Make your shipping policies clear.

Unclear shipping policies are among the most common reasons for cart abandonment. Include your shipping policy on all product pages to prevent any unwelcome surprises on the checkout page. You should also include the expected delivery date of the product on both the product page and the checkout page.
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