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How to create a good page structure on your website

A good page structure makes it easy for both users and search engines to navigate your website. Read more about how to create a good page structure!

Creating a good page structure on your website requires some work that you will get back. The page structure is crucial for UX, the important user experience and for the success of the SEO strategy.

To get started with the work and get a better page structure on your website, you can take advantage of:

Finally, you can also read a summary that summarizes the most important things when it comes to page structure.

What exactly is page structure?

Page structure refers to the organization of the website’s content. Most websites consist of various posts that are linked together by categories and pages that can also contain sub-pages. A well-thought-out page structure makes the website easy to navigate for users. Google can index different URLs more easily, resulting in better rankings.

To structure a website, categories and tags are used, but also internal links. This means that there is a logical hierarchy and that the information on the website is easy to find. When the page structure is logical, the visitor finds what he is looking for without searching for a long time.

3 reasons why page structure is important

1. Page structure is critical to the user experience

If a website is difficult to navigate, a visitor will not search around the page to find information. They will probably choose to proceed among the various suggestions of the search engines. The most common reasons why a visitor leaves a page is the combination of the website not being responsive and the page being difficult to navigate. Therefore, UX and page structure go hand in hand.

2. Good page structure improves website SEO

Good page structure also affects search engine optimization, SEO. Google searches the content of a website and to some extent also assesses page structure. Among other things, it is possible to use Google’s Core Web Vitals report to analyze the user experience of your website. If the page has a good structure with the right indexing and good on-page SEO, the website will rank higher.

3. The company can more easily reach various goals

It is possible to increase conversions and reach different goals with the help of a better page structure. Because both the visitor stays and Google ranks the site higher, there is great potential to grow. It can be anything from the visitor choosing to buy a product to donating or signing up for a newsletter.

Tips on how to create a good page structure

If you want to get a better structure on an existing website, there are some quick ways to get started.

Review older posts and entries.

If there are posts or products that are no longer relevant, they can be removed. Sometimes it can be a service the company has sold before or a product that is specific to a single season and will not be sold again. If you have links to the page you are removing, remember that the URL needs to be repointed.

Go through categories and tags.

All categories should be of similar size. It is easy for one category to become dominant and one to become overweight. This makes it difficult for the visitor to sort through all the posts that belong to a certain category. At the same time, it is more difficult for the search engines to rank. If one category is significantly larger than another, you should try to divide it. Antigen through subcategories or break up categories more clearly.

Review your internal links.

Link to your most important services, products or posts. It makes search engines understand your website better but also real visitors. After all, it should be easy to find the best you have to offer.

Focus on the user.

Feel free to go through the page based on how it is experienced by the visitor. Test what it’s like trying to find information and products. Here it is also important to understand your target group and how it acts. Sometimes your website may need a completely new design. Because sometimes it is better to build new than to fix and patch.

Page Structure – Summary

Good page structure on your website means that it is easy to find what you are looking for. This means that pages and posts follow a logical hierarchy. The combination of UX design and SEO strategy makes it easy for both search engines and real visitors to understand the website’s intentions.

If the page is responsive and easy to navigate, the chance of conversions and reaching the company’s goals increases. SEO improves and the site ranks higher. Some simple tricks to get better structure are to remove content that is not relevant. Review categories and tags so there is a more even distribution. Also consider working with internal links to make it easier to find and navigate.


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