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How Facebook Wi-Fi works

Reach more people with Facebook Wi-Fi

Join more than 100,000 businesses using Facebook Wi-Fi to connect with more people.

How Facebook Wi-Fi works

Facebook Wi-Fi will allow people to connect to your Wi-Fi without needing to share passwords. It can also increase the number of check-ins to your Facebook Page, which will allow your visitors’ friends to discover your business.

Getting started

To get started, easily add our features to your existing Wi-Fi. The service is free and setup takes about 20 minutes with a compatible router and admin access to your Page. If you do not have a compatible router, you can purchase one. This list shows routers that work with Facebook Wi-Fi and details on how to purchase one.

Facebook Wi-Fi features and benefits

Benefits include:

  • More people can find your business: Get discovered by friends of people who visited your business and millions who search for Wi-Fi on Facebook every month.
  • Secure access to Wi-Fi without sharing passwords: People who visit your business will no longer need a password to access your Wi-Fi.
  • Get insights on visitors: Access anonymised information on how many one-time and returning visitors have checked in to your Page through Facebook Wi-Fi.

Set up Facebook Wi-Fi for free in 20 minutes or less

With Facebook Wi-Fi, you will get features that will help attract more visitors to your business. See how you can get set up for free.

What you will need:

  • The right equipment
    All you will need is a Facebook Wi-Fi compatible router and your mobile phone.
  • 20 minutes or less
    Setup is easy. No technical expertise needed.
  • Access to your business Page
    You will need to have a business Page on Facebook with a physical address listed in your Page info. You will also need to be the admin of your business’ Page.

If you need help creating FREE WIFI for your shop with Facebook, Do not hesitate to contact us and one of our experts will help you.

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