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Google tests reporting security issue false positives in Search Console

This should help sites that were mistakenly removed from Google search rectify the issue sooner.

Let’s say your site was flagged by Google search as having a security issue, be it malware or maybe your site appeared to be hacked. Google is now testing a feature to let you request that Google review the site and the specific security issue if you think Google mistakenly identified your site as having such a security issue.The announcement

“We’re piloting a new reporting system beginning with security issues,” Google said on Twitter. There is a new “Report a Security Issue” button on the security issues help page where site owners can report potential false positives or request a re-review of the security issue.

Might not work for you

This is being tested right now and this feature might not work for you. “This reporting tool is currently only available to those coming from English-language help pages,” said Google. You also have to be signed into Google Search Console for this to work.

Why we care. Well

remember that time this site, Search Engine Land, was removed from Google by mistake? A Google spokesperson said: “This was a case where our system misidentified the site as being hacked.” But, Google had to take notice and it took a while for the site to be restored in Google search. This feature will help sites that do not have more exposure or access to Google to hopefully rectify the issue faster and thus reduce any lost Google traffic due to a false positive security issue.


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