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Google may require double verification for some business profiles

Google updated its help documents to say that it may require you to verify your business with an additional method.

Google has updated its document on how to verify your business in Google Business Profiles to add that you Google “may require you to verify by more than one method.” This might be related to some fraudulent business profiles being created using one of the verification methods.

Verification methods

Google currently offers several methods to verify a business listing with Google Business Profiles. When this first launched, Google had only the postcard method, where Google would mail the business address a postcard and pin. But Google has added numerous options since, including:

  • Phone or text        
  • Email
  • Video recording
  • Live video call
  • Postcard

Double verify. Now, Google may request that some businesses use not just one verification method, but two. Here is a screenshot of the updated document:


Verify for the first time

  1. Add or claim your Business Profile on Google. Learn how to claim your profile.
  2. When you add or claim your profile, we offer you one or more verification
    rods, like phone, text, email, and video.
    • We may require you to verify by more than one method.
    • Available methods vary depending on factors that can include business category, publicly available info, region, support hours, and volumes.
  3. Pick your verification method. Learn how to verify by your selected method.
  4. Often, we need to review verifications. These manual reviews help maintain the integrity of all profiles. They can take up to 7 business days.
    • When you’re verified, you get a notification.
    • If we can’t verify your business via the first -used method, the “Get verified” button returns. You can use a different verification method.

After you verify

  • It can take a few weeks for your updated business info to show across Google.
  • You can update and add to your info at any time. Learn how to edit your profile.
  • You can connect with your customers through your profile. Learn about posts, reviews, and messaging.


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