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Google adds price drop appearance rich results to search results

Google automatically calculates the price drop based on changes to your structured data over time.
Google has quietly updated the product structured data help documentation to add a section for price drop appearance.

In that section Google said it now supports displaying price drop rich results on snippets within English in the US, on both desktop and mobile search.

Table of Contents

How do you show up

How can you get your product search results to display this new price drop rich result in search? Google said “to be eligible for the price drop appearance, add an Offer to your Product structured data. The price must be a specific price, not a range (for example, it can’t be $50.99 to $99.99).”

How does Google calculate the price drop

Google does this all automatically based on the pricing you send the search engine via product schema over time. Google said it is “based on the running historical average of your product’s pricing, Google automatically calculates the price drop.”

Why we care

This new rich result snippet feature may help you sell items that you are looking to offload. It may catch more searchers attentions because of the the change in price. So if you are using product structured data, make sure you have the Offer type within that markup.

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