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Easy Tips To Optimize Your Local SEO Marketing In 2019

Almost every business is practicing SEO however small and local business need to rely on SEO to build a complete online presence and increase their exposure. The rules of SEO keep changing and its essential for every business to grow along with the new trends and strategies. Here are proven tips and tricks to kick-start your local SEO marketing in 2019.

Search engine changes the way it delivers the content to us. The role of a search engine is to provide relevant contents and results to every query based on search history, browsing behavior, location and other patterns. This eventually means that local search results are more important than ever.

If your business makes it to the top of the results for a relevant keyword and location, you’ll generate more visitors, leads and make sales from your website. Local business competition is higher than ever and you need to be on the top of the search engine in order to capture the leads.

Online Directories To Improve Local Search

Most users trust the local search results for finding local businesses. The best way to get your business high in the Search engine rankings is to create strong content on business directories. Every small business should list their business on business directories. “Business name, address, and the phone number” are the important information that should be present. The NAP should be consistent in every directory. You must check the spelling and other information before publishing them.

CitySearch, Merchant Circle, Yelp are some of the directors you can use to publish the company information.

Reviews And Ratings From Customers

Reviews are essential for every business. Most of the customers are active on every social media platform and it’s not difficult to get more reviews. You must encourage the users to review and rate the product and respond to their reviews right away. You need to stay connected with the customers by listening to their feedback and answering their queries.

Reviews are the online word-of-mouth marketing technique that brings more visitors to your website. Monitoring the Facebook Page and Google Business Page is essential. Most customers look for your Facebook Page or Google my business listing to know the address or contact details so you have to pay more attention. There are many tools that would help you manage all the social media account on one dashboard. HootSuite is one of the useful tools that help you manage almost every social media account.

A 100 percent user-generated customer review can bring a lot of business. Google trust your page based on the reviews so it is important to enable your reviews and ratings to the SERPs.

Use Local Structured Data/Schema Markup

Business owners have to add/include the Schema markup to the website code. This allows the search engines to get more details about your business website. This schema markup can be added to the website through HTML Microdata. If the businesses set this data correctly, they have better chance to get higher ranks on search engines. Google Structured Data Testing Tool will help you test the installation of the markup on your website.

There’s going to be a rise in the Voice search in 2019 so this Schema markup can help you optimize the voice search. Virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, Siri will help you find the local businesses through voice search.

Do Not Forget The Basics

  • Page title
  • Meta Description
  • URL of the page
  • H1, H2, H3 tags
  • Image Alt Text

    Title tags and meta descriptions are the best HTML elements that describe the content on SERP. Google has improved the width of the search results which means you have more space to write longer title and meta description. This gives you the advantage to describe the business in a clear manner. In the sea of competition, you must ensure the meta description and title are unique and the keyword is placed correctly.

    Writing content concentrating on the Local business is also an added advantage. Ensure you optimize your local search engine with the latest update and trends and be sure your business is ready to face the Local SEO challenges in 2019.

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