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Website SEO Audit & Reporting Tool

Assessing the effectiveness and overall quality of your website is a crucial task for any business or organization. Through a comprehensive website review, you can pinpoint areas that require improvement, optimize your content for search engines, and enhance the overall user experience.

Audit Your Website – Website Checker & Auditor. Enter a URL address and receive a Free Website Analysis!

A clear and straightforward report providing actionable recommendations.

GK WEB Agency provides you with a complimentary website analysis report, accompanied by clear instructions on enhancing your website. Recommendations are categorized and prioritized according to their importance.

A Comprehensive Website Audit

Search engines, such as Google, depend on a diverse range of factors to determine a website’s ranking. Our SEO checker tool reviews these key ranking factors, helping identify any setbacks your site may be experiencing.

Search Engine Optimize

Evaluate your website’s SEO to identify areas for improvement and ensure you maximize its organic ranking potential, driving traffic from search engines.

Social Media

Utilize social media to enhance the growth of your website and company. It plays a crucial role in customer communication, brand awareness, and serves as a marketing channel to attract visitors to your website.


Assess the usability of your website. It’s crucial for maximizing your audience and minimizing the bounce rate, which can, in turn, impact your search engine rankings.


Examine your website’s security. It is crucial to ensure the protection of user data, prevent compromises, and avoid downtime or data loss.


Evaluate your website’s performance to reduce page load time. This is crucial for ensuring a positive user experience and minimizing bounce rates, which can, in turn, impact your rankings.


Examine the technological aspects of your website, including pixels, widgets, analytics, and tracking tools. Review crucial information such as your IP address and web server.
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