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7 SEO Trends to Boost Your Rankings in 2022

Which SEO trends will be most important in 2022? Every year we plan to do a trend survey to find out which SEO trends you need to keep an extra eye on, in the coming year. Some will be with a few years, and become more and more important to think about.

Here are SEO trends 2022!

SEO trends 2022: The 7 most important to keep track of

  1. Focus on the user’s search intent
  2. Improve website speed
  3. Update old content
  4. Thinking about usability
  5. Mobile-friendly website is a must
  6. Local SEO and voice search
  7. Automation and AI

1. Focus on the user’s search intent

That there should be a strong focus on search intention is not directly a trend, it has been important for several years. However, it is important to keep up and the search intention is constantly changing, therefore it is included as one of the upcoming SEO trends in 2022.

The search intention is about understanding what the visitor is looking for when they search on Google. Then we can more easily create content for the landing page that provides answers to the search. Google works a lot with this, to be able to present sites that best fit the searcher’s intention.

It is only when you understand the purpose behind a search that you can create the right content and then also rank higher in the search results. If you are aware of this SEO trend 2022, you can get more customers and increased sales.

2. Improve website speed

Website speed has long been an SEO trend, and SEO trends in 2022 are no different. As more and more people use Google on the go, whether on a laptop or mobile, fast websites have become crucial. This is one of the reasons why Google launched Core Web Vitals.

Google analyzes, with Core Web Vitals:

  • How long does it take for your biggest element on the site to load
  • How many elements on the page move during loading
  • How long it takes for different elements on a page to respond to a click

Actually, Google analyzes how long it takes for the user to interact with your content. After a visitor has landed on your website, how long does it take for the user to find the information they were looking for.

3. Update old content

Many people today publish search engine optimized content on their website and although it is a big focus for SEO, to publish new content, it is also a big focus on renewing the content. Therefore, updating old content is one of our SEO trends in 2022.

By updating old content, you can recover or improve:

  • Rankings
  • Website traffic
  • Sale

In addition, it takes less time to renew the content than just creating new ones. When considering your SEO strategy going forward, be sure to include this. Especially if you have been working with SEO on your site for several years.

4. Thinking about usability

Another of our SEO trends in 2022 is to think about usability. It has become important to create a positive user experience on our sites. Especially when it comes to e-commerce, during the pandemic, more people have shopped online and the user experience in the web shop has become even more important.

To create a better user experience, you can look at:

  • That your website is secure with SSL certificates
  • Your website loads fast for users to find what they are looking for
  • Create a navigation that makes it easy for users to find

5. Mobile-friendly website is a must

Customizing your website has been important for several years, but even more so after 2021. In 2015, Google made mobile customization a ranking factor and since 2019, the search engine has also started indexing websites through the mobile version and in 2021, Google has completely switched to mobile-first indexing.

If you want to see how mobile-friendly your site is, you can use Google’s mobile-friendliness test, which is free. You can also use Google’s Mobile Usability Report to understand the potential issues with your mobile version of the site, and how to resolve them.

According to Think With Google, 30% of all mobile searches are local searches. This is one of the reasons why local SEO is one of our SEO trends in 2022. Many people use Google My Business today, but local searches can be forgotten. Remember to search engine optimize locally, and also for multiple locations and cities around your area.

In addition, voice search is increasingly used in local searches with the mobile phone. In the United States in 2019, every third user used voice search when searching on Google. It has also become more common with assistants such as Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple and Google’s own assistant, Google Assistant. Search engine optimization for local SEO and voice search will thus be one of the SEO trends in 2022.

7. Automation

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to change the way people interact with content on the web, AI will also begin to play a key role in the SEO strategy. Therefore, automation and AI became an obvious choice of SEO trends in 2022.

We can also expect that both the quality and quantity of the AI-generated content will increase drastically in 2022. Through the amount of automated services, search engines will also find it more difficult to keep junk out of the index itself.

Therefore, it will be important to ensure that the content is valuable to visitors, even though the level of automation is higher. Then you will be able to avoid that your website is penalized and downgraded in the search results because it creates content that does not matter to the visitors.

SEO Trends 2022: Summary

The summary of SEO trends 2022, will simply be to have the most focus on the user and visitors to the website. What is their purpose in the search? Only then can we produce good content that really helps the user.

In addition, Core Web Vital places high demands on the fact that websites actually maintain a high technical level, in order to benefit the visitor. Good luck with your SEO work in 2022!


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